smart contracts

A platform to structure complex payment contracts and automate its payments.

appveen Smart Contracts platform, powered by the same tech behind XCRO, structures complex payment contracts, manages relationships amongst parties, and automates payments associated with the contracts - all under one roof.

Contract structuring

  • Capture contractual obligations involving payments
  • Create configurable payment contracts on-demand or as per pre-agreed conditions
  • Setup payment contracts considering various banking segments, processing units, countries and it's time zones

Manage a wide range of payments

  • Multi-party payments
  • Priority and dependency-based payments
  • Grouping of related payments
  • Scheduled payments

Deliver a variety of use-cases

  • Manage receivables in a collection agency
  • Handle collections for corporates
  • Manage nodal accounts in the e-commerce marketplace
  • Administer repayments in syndicated loans
  • Manage traditional escrow deals like trust and retention agreements, share purchase deal, etc.

API platform

Use appveen smart contracts platform APIs to:
  • Invoke payments amongst the marketplace platform's participants
  • Onboard marketplace platform's participants and their debit/credit accounts
  • Group, prioritize, and schedule payments

Integrated budgets

  • Enforce payments governance through budgets
  • Configure budgets at various hierarchies: consolidated, based on purpose, based on the destination, a combination of all
  • Create budgets with a combination of diverse frequencies(month/quarter/half-year/year/specific dates) and duration
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