digital core

A digital foundation built for web-scale.

Build apps, modernize legacy systems, offload the mainframe, and prepare data for monetization.

Data management

  • Multi-domain master data modeling and management: Product, Category, Party, etc.
  • Supports bulk import/export, real-time upstream and downstream data synchronization
  • Enforce data governance with workflows

API-first architecture

  • Deliver data via secure REST APIs potentially monetizing it
  • One-click API generation with rich capabilities to filter, sort, etc.
  • Swagger API documentation

Scalable and flexible

  • One-click data service deployment as secure microservices
  • Containerized architecture - easy multi-instance deployment using containers
  • Seamless integration with BI tools

Virtual accounts management

  • Multi-level hierarchies in virtual account structure
  • ReSTful pre-built APIs catering to master setup, transactions and reporting requirements
  • Enforce limits, build balances, apply credit/debit freezes

Balance building

  • Build non-standard balances and reports to share with regulatory bodies and customers as required
  • Flexible APIs allows you to fetch, track and perform complex calculations on balances
  • Apply rules on balances, and govern them through workflows
  • Integrate with smart contracts and derive insights by leveraging balances data from multi-party smart contracts

Configurable attributes

  • Apply debit/credit freeze
  • Hold balances
  • Enforce overdraft limits
  • Apply daily and per transaction limits
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