data pipes

Exchange data between corporates, partners, and banks seamlessly.

A secure, low-code data-exchange platform to ingest any data fragment in any format via files and APIs.

Supported data formats

Out of the box data conversion between the following formats:
  • XLS / XLSX, CSV, any delimited format, fixed-length format, XML and JSON
  • Few ISO20022 XML formats under payment-initiation and cash management
  • Other Financial Formats like MT103, MT940, MT942, etc.

Visual data mapper

  • Visually configure a data transformation flow between two data formats
  • Configure a data exchange flow, for instance, between the corporate and the bank
  • Configure both file-to-file flows and file-to-API flows
  • Seamlessly integrate third-party APIs into data exchange flows

Data security and integrity

  • Leverages proprietary AES-256 encryption to encrypt data end to end
  • Securely transfer data to and from the partner by leveraging 2-way SSL HTTP streaming techniques
  • Configure IP whitelisting at a partner level choosing who can initiate file transfers
  • API security

Data shipper agent

  • A light-weight Host to Host agent
  • Supports duplicate file handling, both via file name and/or a checksum based on the file content
  • Built-in self-healing capabilities to detect failures

Scalable and flexible

  • Built for webscale, leveraging containerized microservices-based architecture
  • Create customer-specific data formats using a wide range of supported data attributes
  • Onboard partners/corporates using pre-defined formats easily with a few clicks

Track and monitor data exchange centrally

  • Realtime dashboard based tracking and monitoring of data assets
  • Easy issue resolution with real-time notification and alerts in case of failures
  • Data aggregation at BAU level improves reconciliation and compliance
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