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The complete data-centric API-first back-end as a service platform for modern IT teams.

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appveen data.stack is a low-code API-first platform that helps IT teams to rapidly build back ends for modern applications.

Empowering modern IT teams

Do more with less

Express your data structure and we take care of building everything on the backend, deploying it, securing it and making it available at scale.

Do what is more important

Focus all your efforts on getting the data models and user experience right, leaving the rest to us.

Reduce TCO

Introduce fewer moving parts and achieve the same outcome with a smaller, more productive team.

Build solutions in a timely manner

Configure, not code, more than 70% of your back-end including tools for operations users to slice and dice the data, capture new records, make data corrections or do bulk imports/exports from the system.

Keep up with the changing application needs

Easily make changes to data models to persist new data types or introduce new validations.

Enterprise-level security = Peace of Mind

Proven platform in the world’s top financial institutions - we’ve taken care of API security, authentication, authorization and securing sensitive information.

Build data APIs in minutes

Build production-grade data-rich ReST and GraphQL backend APIs with search, sort, filter, pagination all baked in, without writing code in a few clicks

Define and update data objects visually

Make changes to schemas and work with your data intuitively via forms and spreadsheets

Control access at a granular level

Implement fine-grained role-based access control policies at a record and/or attribute level, and assign roles to users and groups for ease of administration

Handle structured, unstructured and geospatial data

Work with a variety of data structures including nested structures, hierarchies, repeating objects, geospatial data points and file attachments

Workflows, audits and many more

Keep a track of every change with no fuss - every data update is recorded with historical audits - and offer data updates to checkers for an extra pair of eyes to verify.